Credit with instant approval and immediate payment.

Sometimes credit institutions have to act quickly in the customer’s interest. You will discover credit requests that are quickly decided and paid out in the instant approval and instant payment loan.

Our wish is that you decide on the individually fitting loan offer. Based on our information, you make the right decision and know how to avoid problems before they arise.

Credit with instant approval and immediate payment – real online?

Credit with instant approval and immediate payment - real online?

Right from the start, the loan was advertised as the fastest online loan with immediate acceptance and immediate payment. Until around the beginning of 2015, many customers were ultimately unsatisfied. The legally required identification process slowed down online credit. Post-ID followed by mail delivery left nothing of the fast online loan apart from the rapid sound of words.

Germany’s special way of checking the ID check for lending every time has finally a new face. Videoident is the name of the process, which does not necessarily sound fast, but keeps the regular online credit in the fast lane. This new form of ID check can be selected in the course of the online loan application. The process has proven itself in recent months and is increasingly being offered.

Give wings to regular online credit – how it works

Give wings to regular online credit - how it works

In the credit comparison, prospective creditors recognize providers who offer a real loan with immediate approval and immediate payment by the “Videoident” label. Every credit comparison calculator uses slightly modified formulations or symbols to make the offer recognizable. With such a provider, the non-binding loan application should be made.

As usual, when a loan is requested through a loan comparison, the program checks the lending. The creditworthiness for lending is not checked via the external data comparison, for example with Credit Bureau.Only a check is carried out to determine whether income and the household bill make lending likely. The requested bank now issues the preliminary immediate approval in real time and instructs an external company to carry out an identity check via Skype.

The attachment of the instant approval shows which documents a prospective loan should provide for the check. It is not only important to have a valid identity card for identity verification. The evidence required to make a loan decision is usually also examined. For example the income certificate. Within a maximum of 30 minutes on average, the examiner reports on video telephony via Skype.

After about 5 minutes of time to carry out the check, the loan receives the “desired digital wings” with immediate approval and immediate payment. By confirming the legally binding application, the requested credit institution can turn to the final credit check. Some Videoident loan providers even guarantee payment within 48 hours.

Credit check failed – express credit in 48 hours?

Credit check failed - express credit in 48 hours?

Often, people are in a particular hurry to lend, whose creditworthiness is questioned by regular credit providers. Without a sufficiently good credit score, the automated check programs reject the credit request during the credit check. Unfortunately, the key to speed with regular lending in an adequate amount is always the sufficiently good credit rating of the score.

There are still credit offers that not only promise but keep a quick loan payment if the score is bad or even negative, but there are. Interested parties expect two downfalls in real fast credit with poor creditworthiness. On the one hand, the amount of credit that can be applied for with a quick online check is reduced to USD 100 up to a maximum of USD 1,000 net loan amount.

A loan with immediate approval and immediate disbursement from the category of microcredit with a very short term is offered. Second drop of bitterness – the range of maturities for real loans currently ranges from 30 to 90 days in spite of Credit Bureau in 48 hours. The fast microcredits are intended to alleviate a liquidity bottleneck when overdraft is not granted or is exhausted.

Private lenders – an alternative for quick credit needs?

Private lenders - an alternative for quick credit needs?

Germany has changed dramatically since the turn of the millennium. The job market does not offer many the job that would ensure a decent income for them. Only pensioners’ pension was effectively cut. The generation of the elderly should shoulder more and more taxes on the once tax-free pension at a high level. The bottom line is that the average pensioner, thanks to his low pension level, is no longer even creditworthy.

The series of painful changes continues with the self-employed. They hardly get any chances for simple credit because they fail to prove their repayment ability via the score. Instead of a quick loan with an immediate approval and immediate payment from a bank, countless citizens can only hope for loan offers from private individuals.

The portals Good Finance and Best Lender fill the resulting funding gap as a serious contact option for private investors. However, the concept of success for private loans is based on the fact that sufficient bids are first collected before a loan is granted. The procedure can only take a few days, but it can also take several weeks.

Good Finance currently offers the fastest alternative to regular credit with immediate acceptance and immediate payment. The credit portal has changed since 2014 as a central point of contact for risk-taking banks and private lenders. If, in terms of personal creditworthiness, a bank loan is fundamentally possible, quick credit decision-making processes open up.

If a bank decides to take over the desired financing, the waiting time until the loan is paid out is short. It is quite comparable to the classic loan with immediate approval and immediate payment, without a video identifier. Only in the case of pure credit from private to private does everything not help.

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